Last Update: 26th August 2004

(in alphabetical order by title)


iMacLinux and iBookLinux
Linux/PPC-related news sites, primarily concerned with Macintosh hardware.

penguinppc :: The New Home of the PowerPC Linux Port


Terra Soft Solutions, Inc. (Yellow Dog & Black Lab Linux)




Ben's linux/ppc page
Linux/PPC Guru Ben Herrenschmidt's development homepage. Home of BootX/miBoot, yaBoot, a few precompiled kernels, and Airport drivers for Linux

GNU/Linux: A First-Aid
Sergio Brandano's notes on running GNU/Linux on a PowerBook 1999 (Lombard).
A developer that I've met from the developer's list. Nice, helpful guy.

Iain's linux/ppc page
Iain Sandoe's linux/ppc page, including the 2.4dmasound backport to 2.2

Matthias Grimm (updated link)
Matthias Grimm's website, home to the resurrected GKrellM-PMU plugin. Also source to many other useful Linux programs.

Peter Liethen
My good friend Pete's homepage/portfolio. Home of the FireBook Duo Mana, iSE, fine artwork, tips, and a wacky game I remember from summer camp.


ActX (Activate X Window System)(Japanese site)
The window sitter in my screenshot is one of those included with this unix ActWin-like program.

An excellent system resource monitor. Light-weight and its GPL. Written by Bill Wilson

Mac-on-Linux's main site. A GPL virtual machine for PowerPC machines running Linux/PPC. An emulated Macintosh B&W G3 running directly on your PPC processor, so there is no performance loss. I hear it even works on Non-Macs. very cool.

Distribution site for PMUD, maintained by Stephan Leemburg. (RPMs)

a PMUD-based powerbook battery monitor applet written by Mike Palczewski, now maintained by Colin Leroy, for KDE and the Gnome panel.

Lou's very nice WM applet. Does everything my plugin does in a smaller, yet more verbose fashion. I like.


Linux/PPC for NuBus Power Macs
Homepage for Takashi Oe's port of Linux kernel 2.4 to nubus-based PowerMacs. Keep an eye on this one.

PowerPC Linux Project Info
SourceForge site for development of PowerPC Linux


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