Last Update: 22nd November 2003

for GKrellM 1.2

For the latest GKrellM2-compatible version, check Matthias Grimm's Linux site.

This plugin to GKrellM makes a monitor displaying the power status of a Macintosh PowerBook or iBook. This code is no longer maintained. For GKrellM2 support, go Here.

  • Displays dual batteries when available
  • Can report time remaning, percent, voltage, or current
    • Expands to show a load graph
    • Supports CPU and Battery temperature on older powerbooks
  • Uses the PMUD via a tcp socket, or /proc/pmu if available
  • Uses less CPU and screen space than Batmon
  • Plugs into GKrellM
    • Less overhead and resources than applets and panels
    • Common themable interface
  • Familiar default icons
  • Supports /proc/apm on x86


Systems supported by GKrellM PMU 1.4 :
Model: PMU: Status:
2400, 3400, 3500 O'Hare Supported and mostly working
(reported by Claus Enneper)
WallStreet, PDQ Heathrow Supported and working
Lombard (bronze) Paddington Supported and working
iBook Keylargo Supported and working
(reported by Mike Palczewski)
Pismo (FireWire) Keylargo Supported and working
(reported by Michel Dänzer)
iBook 2001 / Powerbook G4 Keylargo reported working

2003.11.22 News - Want to run GKrellM2, but can't do without PMU? The new era of GKrellM-PMU has begun! After two years of this project being idle, Linux/PPC Usability Guru Matthias Grimm has stepped forward to maintain PMU, starting by having ported it to GKrellM2. GKrellM-PMU is resurrected! Many thanks to Matthias, the new maintainer.

2001.08.02 1.4 - Long time no see. Got some fixes, API updates from Bill Wilson, an O'Hare patch from Michael Blakeley, support for /proc/pmu/ and /proc/apm (x86). That's all I have. I've been kinda busy with school/job/random projects. Probably won't be able to get back to this, but I haven't really needed to.

2000.08.22 1.3 - Handful of updates, now supports more than just time and current. Does percent and voltage now, as well as temperature on O'Hare-based systems. Dual battery systems can also see individual battery status. The interface I have for these is pretty bad, so I need feedback to make it more intuitive. I think that's it for features, right? Nothing but cleanups, rewrites, and a mini-dual mode. (once I figure out what looks good.)


RPMs (made with RPM 4.x)
gkrellm-pmu-1.4-1.ppc.rpm (compiled against GKrellM 1.2.1 and GLIBC 2.2.3. may cause errors)

Source Tarball ('make enable_nls=1' to enable locales, or 'rpm -tb gkrellm-pmu-1.4.tar.gz' to make an RPM)


Older versions can be found in my Attic


Made with XEmacs under Mac OS X and PageMill and Photoshop under MacOS

Screen Shots: