Last Update: 3rd September 2002
Darwin Code

Download modified AppleHeathrow Package for Mac OS X 10.0.x and 10.1.x on the PowerBook G3 Series 1998 (more detail below)

2002.09.03: News - The Official Fix: Mac OS X 10.2
I've done a complete clean install of 10.2 (Jaguar), and I have seen that others have too. Jaguar doesn't seem to have the fan-in-sleep problem. So it would seem that Apple has put this open source patch to good use. My work is done here. (This package will remain for a while longer, as 10.2 is not a free upgrade.)

2002.05.03: News - A tip on using this modification.
Since I submitted a hint to MacOSX Hints, I've gotten feedback from one user, Merle McClelland. After installing the package, Merle's WallStreet was having trouble waking from sleep. They discovered that the solution is to reset the powermanager. This is done by pressing Shift-fn-Ctrl-Power when powered off. Another way, I think, is holding Cmd-Option-P-R at the boot chime, and wait for another chime. After that, everything seemed to be working. Thanks, Merle!

2002.02.20: AppleHeathrow KEXT Package
An easy to install Package file for MacOSX, including the modification to fix the fan in sleep. Use with caution, as this is open source and under tested.

2001.11.16: AppleHeathrow-fan_on_during_unplugged_sleep.patch
A patch to Darwin's AppleHeathrow KEXT to fix the fan in sleep. This patch came about from the Linux Kernel. 2.4 had the same problem as Mac OS X, but 2.2 did not. With some time, Ben Herrenschmidt and I got the difference tracked down and fixed. Later, I applied the same modification to the Darwin source code, and it worked in the first try. Neat stuff.

And a short joke

Why should I beleive you? The world has too many OSes already. And I like my Linux.
Unix systems have always been based upon rules. However, unlike Linux, OSX is maintained by a central corporation.
What are you trying to say? That I can't hack on my own system?
No, Neo. I'm saying, when it is ready, you won't have to.


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